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Loving distributed systems, poetry & chaos. Supporter of #education #basicIncome & #humanitarianTech

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@regis Hi Regis, I saw on HN the link to your project "Officelife.io", which looks very cool. I saw "Coming May 2022" on the website, I clicked and wrote my email address... and then... error message! (I thought you might be interested)

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You too would have liked to follow 5+ conferences simultaneously at #FOSDEM? For next year: you can get the #FOSDEM videos during the event by recording them yourself with fosdem-recorder .

That way you can watch the conferences you missed, as soon as the first day is over (and play them back in x2 speed), just after the beer break :-)

P.S: don't overuse it though, and be aware that the "official" videos are usually uploaded a few hours/days after the conference.


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Oh, il fait beau.
C'est important qu'il fasse beau un jour de grève ✊

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